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Inspired by Logic or Intuition?
With each of us blessed to possess both virtues, we often feel our internal compass pulling in opposite directions.
Which mode takes lead in governing your actions?
True intuition is subtle and brief, the automatic messages that spring from the heart.  They’re delivered in a flash that could be missed if you blinked; and for those without fear, could bring endless possibilities.
Divine guidance can be the best advice to heed.  Psychic impulses are felt for a reason.  The voices of our spirit guides are there to be heard, and without labelling anyone schizophrenic or daredevildude, would you be resolute and dare to ignore them?
Logic, on the other hand, comes through the thinking mind, with its internal monologue and niggling regulations. It never shuts-up. As it chatters away in the back of our minds, with its ‘Should I? Shouldn’t I?’ routine attached, we’re detained from our imaginings by a wall of ‘what if’s’, that strike with insufficient support.
The realist approach is called for quite often, and rightly. There are many situations that require clear thought.  But every now and again, logic thickens with the static of paranoia, guilt and indecision - the catalyst that prevents us from experiencing our true destiny. Do we need to take stock of all the botched opportunities and wonder, too late, what once might have been?
Perhaps there is a way to combine the two, a synchronicity of heart and logic, resulting in the cream of rationale and quiet simplicity. The only regrets we have in life should come from the things we haven’t experienced.  Now, to find that perfect balance.  What exactly does lie between whimsy and restraint?
To intuition, or not to intuition – that is the question!

Be careful what you wish for!


  1. Very mysterious! I always get those questions in my head - it's the angel on my right shoulder and the devil on the other. "Do this dtwilight. It seems quite tempting!" The devil says.
    "dtwilight think about what you're doing!" the angel says. LOL

  2. The angelic one always shines through in you. Devil - you're not; Angel - there is no other word! xox

  3. Super write here. I have been told by four 'psychics' that I have untapped psychic potential. That I have a witches aura. That I am connected to the other side! At the times of hearing these things throughout my life I've either laughed hystrically or been scared to death. According to my mood - I have bipolar disorder too! Oh joy ;)

    Instinctual feelings for me therefore are difficult to judge ;) Is is a manic urge, a sorrow from deep depression, is what I see/hear/smell a ghostly spirit or an hallucination? Is what I feel brain chemistry or spiritual guidence? It's all way to much for this lady, and to maintain any kind of mental health, I have to stick to the most rational answer. However, for you normals out there, follow your heart - if instinct is connected to anything, wouldn't it be that? Shah .X

  4. Shah,
    Our purpose on this planet is personalised. Bi-polar can give life a very mixed picture and I understand your need to hold onto what’s rational. Tapping into our spiritual gifts can be life changing. 'Witching' is another word for innate knowledge - there's nothing horrible or scary about it. And if instinct comes for you during times of depression, then perhaps that's when your inner voice is most lucid. Sometimes the guidance you hear is more than worthwhile. Perhaps that thing they call 'brain chemistry' stems from a part of the brain that is seldom used by most. At the very least, I’d take notes at times like these – knowing your talent to write a mean sub/story/comment/novel/post, when you hit hypomania you may have at hand the greatest story ever told! :) Mood-swings, I think, have helped create what I’m creating. And when in edit mode - it’s the lows that make for more interesting reading!
    Love and Blessings
    Moana x