Monday, February 28, 2011

Is it Human to Worship a Cardboard Box?

How is it, I can walk from York Street, Sydney, to Elizabeth, (approx 10 minutes) catch a bus to the Eastern Suburbs, all the while carrying a Crispy Crème box of - okay, granted - assorted heavenly hoops - and get a thousand smiles, a seat on the bus, nods and desirous glances; and yet when I get on bus carrying eight Showbags, a giant plush Scooby Doo won while shooting hoops, that nobody gives me a seat? 
Well, know this, Crispy Crème lovers of the world, you ain’t getting a donut!!
What?  Wrong kind of hoops?
Kind commuters of the world - WHERE ARE YOU?

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Stardust Within

The mind of a child is flawless and pure; the reflection of an untainted soul. Their innermost senses allow for the flow of waves, and while some waves come in larger than others, they learn how to deal and respond to them. A child's mind is fresh and new, with no concept of mistrust or negativity. Very rarely do they hold onto feelings of resentment. Grudges don’t exist in their world.  As parents, we can try to preserve this innocence – but only to a certain extent. We can’t cottonwool or protect our angels forever, and we cannot prevent them from experiencing the world.

When they’re of age, we send them to school – the ‘rat race’ as so many put it – and that’s where the contests begin. Outside influences soon determine their behaviours and the changes are evident every day. The world is harsh in this day and age, and as they grow into adults, they become competitive; some can become ruthless and greedy in a reach for stars that are sometimes unattainable.

Ambition is healthy. It's what gets people up in the morning. But failing to achieve can destroy self-confidence – and that’s where things can go wrong. Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and potholes – and our children need to be aware. While it is wonderful to dream and aim for the sky, there will be some dreams that won’t come to fruition.  We need to nurture and prepare young minds to accept that some goals aren't realistic. 

Why reach for the scarcest of stars,
when we should appreciate the star dust around us?
Some fallen stars may have landed in our pockets. 
We just need to stop and look inside. 

In searching for more, some neglect to notice what wonderful talents they already have – talents they are blessed with that should be encouraged. I believe when we are born, we are each given a star – it’s our job to polish it up, and help make it shine.

To know our talents, to realise and use them, can bring such contentment and joy. We should follow our instincts, no matter what age. Find what’s inside. Because some dreams were meant to be fulfilled.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Moonrise Eclipse at Solstice

On 21 December 2010, my family and I spent moonrise at Maroubra Beach. Luna Eclipse at Solstice doesn't happen very often. The last time these events occurred in sequence was in another life, back in 1638. The next one won't take place until 2094. Down under, people gathered on the beach, from the southern end of Maroubra to the cliff tops of Lurline Bay, all to witness this once in a lifetime spectacle; every last one of us awed by its beauty. If only my camera could have done it justice ... it started with a smile, just a thin orange crescent that with darkness became the most brilliant full moon any of us had ever seen.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moana's Masquerade

"Dance through the masquerade of life without wearing a mask,
for being yourself is the most beautiful thing."

Yes - but every day we continue the dance through life, where each situation calls for a different face. We are all accustomed to wearing a disguise, and in turn the loss is our own. The day soon comes when we lose our identity, we forget, in essence, who we really are.
I believe that everyone else my age is mature and very adult, but I choose to go through life incognito, where my age is purely a disguise. 
Which mask shall I wear today?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Somewhere in Time

Love at first sight ...

Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson, is a favourite romance novel of mine; a story that literally transcends time and takes you into another realm. It’s the recount of a dying young man, who visits a turn-of-the-century hotel. He happens upon a painting of a woman in the Hotel’s Hall of History, and becomes completely captivated by her beauty (a former star of the stage). The problem is that she is from a time long before his. But with his love so potent and incomparably strong, he wills himself back in time to become part of her world. The two lovers are totally believable, causing the reader, in turn, to fall in love. The ending is somewhat bittersweet (Kleenex!) but so worth the experience.

Is it you?

The movie, Somewhere in time, starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve was based on this novel. To read the book and then see the movie is to experience art in its two finest forms.  Although the storylines differ in some parts, the link between literature and screen remains. Dialogue is maintained, almost verbatim, and keeps the plot innocent and true. The connection between Jane and Christopher (Elise McKenna and Richard Collier) is so plain - like lovers destined to love eternally - and it's this that makes the move exceptional. 

There's a different level of lovely that 1912 brings to book and screen. Both, without doubt, remain essentially exquisite and both, in this lifetime, should not be missed.

Elize and Richard, somewhere, in time.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My name is Moana, and I am a ...


There must be a name for this ... a condition as such ... an infection that describes the action of getting up in the wee hours to take a sneak peak, to play with Design and Setting options, improve the appearance of the oh so precious Blog ... to Next Blog and Next Blog with sheer desperation and hunger to devour any new Blogs I encounter; part of my heart now, part of my soul, an entity unto itself that has attached intself to me, an interference worse that static that hinders conversation or cooking meals for hungry lambs. Life - indoors, outdoors and above - everything in this universe is blogworthy - because life should be shared via this silent, creative outlet. 
Busy, busy, mustn't stop ...

 Can't you see I'm working here?!?!?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

'Tis the Season to be jolly - and in the lead up I've had little time to post.
With schools end, Christmas shopping, reading and writing in-between,
I've neglected this much-loved little house.
So, today I've allowed myself some time to come back and post a few poems
(that still need tweaking!).  No matter. 
I've had much fun with the Wicca & Vamp themes.
Blessings to you all for a wonderful season,
and from an old fashioned gal to anyone that meanders by,
take some time out for Judy <3

Painkiller Passion

On moonlit nights when woodlands are black
The game we play teasing, while running the track
It's blood lust, not pheromones that lead him to me
The rampant endorphins that simply won't be

He stalks me, I’m wild prey! He's poised for attack!
'Walk with me, kiss me', He feigns, I retract
His voice on these evenings entices me, fact
And when he bites down, damp earth bloods my back

I feel his weight on me, he drains me to snow
This painkiller passion, forever, in glow
My desire, so wicked, I need, he provides
But love’s never simple, when lovers don't die

Thirsty for blood, the forever of time
He’ll always be with me
Perpetually mine ...

Life After Twilight - Pardon the Pun

‘Twas Hotel Transylvania,
Where the blood games began,
Where The Count first proclaimed,
“I’m not a Vamp, man!”
Mr Barlow got busy, Bled Salem’s Lot dry,
And “Look at me teacher! Look!” he did cry.
True Blood HBO -
Thou shalt not crave thy neighbour -
Only True Blood is served
At Merlott’s and Fangtasia!
“Sookie’s Mine!” Bill Compton so proudly stakes claim,
But it’s Vampire Diaries,
Where Damon takes reign.
So Twilight, New Moon, and each Breaking Dawn
Wish for an Eclipse, and bring end to the mourn.

A Family Thing

It freshens the senses, the springtime breeze,
And fills pure hearts with newness and ease,
But it's during these nights that it brings me no rest,
When September winds put my creed to the test.
How does one get past the moment that's lost?
A relationship torn, burnt crisp - at such cost,
No longer this realm and no longer seen,
Except for these nights - things aren't what they seem!
Her voice, in whispers, she calls out my name,
I question its truth and whether I'm sane,
And hearing her now, so many years later,
It makes me recoil, compels me to hate her.
But the powers of Wicca are more than mere song,
My curse, it endures, through family bond,
And so I'm reminded, and so I will know,
How potent the blending of oak and mistletoe.
At each celebration, Ostara or 'nox,
I'm gifted a spell, been sealed in a box,
And Oh, I must try it! And Oh, so I see!
The powers bestowed me, the powers that be ...
And now when I see silver cat in a tree
~ I know she is with me ~
I know she's in me!