Monday, February 28, 2011

Is it Human to Worship a Cardboard Box?

How is it, I can walk from York Street, Sydney, to Elizabeth, (approx 10 minutes) catch a bus to the Eastern Suburbs, all the while carrying a Crispy Crème box of - okay, granted - assorted heavenly hoops - and get a thousand smiles, a seat on the bus, nods and desirous glances; and yet when I get on bus carrying eight Showbags, a giant plush Scooby Doo won while shooting hoops, that nobody gives me a seat? 
Well, know this, Crispy Crème lovers of the world, you ain’t getting a donut!!
What?  Wrong kind of hoops?
Kind commuters of the world - WHERE ARE YOU?

1 comment:

  1. I once had to ask a guy in San Fransisco to stand up so my pregnant wife could sit down! I say I asked him, but the exchange was more like, Dude, get up so my wife can sit down.

    You're right. People are weird about their friendliness.

    - Eric