Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's get this party started with ... An Ode to the Web

It’s often quite dark before I reach this destination,
Late night, or early hours before dawn. 
Only night birds or currawongs divide the isolation,
Distant song lulls the frenzy that’s borne. 
I’m lost in the labyrinth named World Wide Web,
When my mind should be quiet, I’m reading instead! 
And it goes on and on into the wee hours,
When the world is asleep, and the web spins it’s powers.
And I come across jewels that sparkle and gleam,
Knowledge that brightens the darkest of seams.  
And sometimes I click on these tiny bright keys,
To find the most wondrous things –
BlogSpots, short stories, poems and twitters,
Writers who enlighten - or give me the jitters. 
But it’s rare that I’m hurt by these wondrous jewels,
Instead I drink ravenous, absorbing their fuels. 
And so I will write, or cast the odd poem,
And hope someone finds me before dark is stolen.


  1. This was wonderful Mo. Brilliant. Ifind this poem relating. Love it!

  2. Awesome and oh so true, I lose myself here so often and it's usually so entirely random, jumping around from thing to thing like a bird in a jewelry store! :)