Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Raven - The Ultimate Keeper of Secrets

Ravens are intelligent, clever mimics that have been known to learn human words.  Early Europeans feared the Raven and regarded them as bad omens.  Truth of the matter is, the Raven, like all wildlife and nature, should be respected, not feared.
Ravens bear magic and mysticism. Some native tribes refer to them as the ‘keeper of secrets’. They are linked to the void, where universal secrets are kept. Their colour is symbolic of darkness, the place where unconscious fear resides. Ravens are master magicians and represent transformational energy, revealing to us how to rid ourselves of our inner fears. Raven will show you how to go within in yourself, into the dark areas and illuminate them, bringing out your true self. They help transmute karma, returning you to the light. They will lead you into the discovery of your multidimensional self and reunite you with the secrets of the multidimensional universe. Inner conflicts should then be resolved, however long buried they are - and this is the deepest healing. 

Me - I am human  -  a person who keeps another’s secrets so that no one will know about them. Secret-Keepers don't divulge.  But don't be fooled or mistaken.  Like a Raven I will whistle-blow from the loftiest heights - to alert when people are in need - to help them myself, if I'm able.


  1. Relating again. Am I a Raven ? LOL. Beautiful Mo. There is another bird that is really beautiful and mystifying to me - Crow. And btw are Ravens and Crows similar? I don't know. But this was a beautiful and enlightening piece! :)

  2. They're in the same family but I believe ravens are larger, with feathers that glisten iridescent blue/black. Raven's caw is nastier on the ears when compared with a crow's.
    And on birdsong, it's the Aust native Currawong that I adore - also a member of the blackbird family - their piping is designed for dusk and Dawn ;)

  3. That's beautiful Moana! I have never ever read anything this wonderful.