Monday, December 27, 2010

Life After Twilight - Pardon the Pun

‘Twas Hotel Transylvania,
Where the blood games began,
Where The Count first proclaimed,
“I’m not a Vamp, man!”
Mr Barlow got busy, Bled Salem’s Lot dry,
And “Look at me teacher! Look!” he did cry.
True Blood HBO -
Thou shalt not crave thy neighbour -
Only True Blood is served
At Merlott’s and Fangtasia!
“Sookie’s Mine!” Bill Compton so proudly stakes claim,
But it’s Vampire Diaries,
Where Damon takes reign.
So Twilight, New Moon, and each Breaking Dawn
Wish for an Eclipse, and bring end to the mourn.


  1. I love all of those shows- I'm the hugest fan of twilight and vamp diaries!

  2. Me too - I can't get enough vamps!