Monday, December 27, 2010

Painkiller Passion

On moonlit nights when woodlands are black
The game we play teasing, while running the track
It's blood lust, not pheromones that lead him to me
The rampant endorphins that simply won't be

He stalks me, I’m wild prey! He's poised for attack!
'Walk with me, kiss me', He feigns, I retract
His voice on these evenings entices me, fact
And when he bites down, damp earth bloods my back

I feel his weight on me, he drains me to snow
This painkiller passion, forever, in glow
My desire, so wicked, I need, he provides
But love’s never simple, when lovers don't die

Thirsty for blood, the forever of time
He’ll always be with me
Perpetually mine ...


  1. So deep, so intense. BITE ME! Vampires are too irrisistible.

  2. Woot Woot , YOU ARE THE BEST POET EVER. TRUE THAT! Love this! Aweesomee!