Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moana's Masquerade

"Dance through the masquerade of life without wearing a mask,
for being yourself is the most beautiful thing."

Yes - but every day we continue the dance through life, where each situation calls for a different face. We are all accustomed to wearing a disguise, and in turn the loss is our own. The day soon comes when we lose our identity, we forget, in essence, who we really are.
I believe that everyone else my age is mature and very adult, but I choose to go through life incognito, where my age is purely a disguise. 
Which mask shall I wear today?


  1. I have alsways enjoyed the analogy of different masks for every day or every situation. It is so very true, that we put on a different face, act differently in certain situations. Sometimes, it is a simple as acting more proper around our grandmother's than our friends, or acting more professional in the work space versus out shopping. However, sometimes people take this to the extreme, putting on masks to fool or manipulate others.

    I feel it is a fine line that we must always keep in balance.

    Aubrieanne @

  2. Oh mummy, I just put on my happy mask because you made my day.

  3. I always wear a mask and you know me better than anybody does.I wear a different mask when I am with friends and I am completely different when I am with my uncles and aunts. But If I was with you I'd wear the happy mask anyday or no mask at all. Loved this post!!!

  4. @AubrieAnne, I agree, the line is very fine. Why do we feel the need to pretend? We should accept each other for who we are without reservation. There are qualities in each of us that are spectacular, and those are the things that should be shared.

    @D, I get to see that pretty face everyday - that ain't no mask kiddo, that's pure Dani!

    @Dawn, We all feel the need to adapt to suit the circumstances, and I know how growing up around primitive fuddy-duddies can make you feel. But it's them that miss the best of you. One day, I know you’ll surprise them!

  5. Lovely blog you have here. I will visit often. Many thanks for your kind words this morning.