Saturday, January 8, 2011

My name is Moana, and I am a ...


There must be a name for this ... a condition as such ... an infection that describes the action of getting up in the wee hours to take a sneak peak, to play with Design and Setting options, improve the appearance of the oh so precious Blog ... to Next Blog and Next Blog with sheer desperation and hunger to devour any new Blogs I encounter; part of my heart now, part of my soul, an entity unto itself that has attached intself to me, an interference worse that static that hinders conversation or cooking meals for hungry lambs. Life - indoors, outdoors and above - everything in this universe is blogworthy - because life should be shared via this silent, creative outlet. 
Busy, busy, mustn't stop ...

 Can't you see I'm working here?!?!?


  1. No kidding, I'm a bloggerholic too. I go onto the internet and my instincts instantly tell me to go to my blog - too hard to stop myself.
    I think every single person who has a blog is definitely a bloggerholic.

    SOS! Someone, HELP ME! My blog has stopped me from doing everything!

  2. I agree COMPLETELY! I'd go to the doctors, but I fear they would not be able to name it any better! Moana, I think your blog looks very cool. Talk about mystique! I only hope that when my blog is madeover is looks as put together. Thank you for finding me fellow WEbooker! I am sooooo following and will be around!

    AubrieAnne @

  3. Awweiieeeeeeeee you already know how crazy I am about your blog. And I am a blogohollic too. Cheers for that then!! XD Yay!